My name is Renee, and I am a southern gal from Mississippi. I love cooking, and when I started eating a plant-based diet, I knew I wanted to blog about it.

I am an elementary teacher by trade, and I absolutely love to teach. However, I need a way to have a hobby to take my mind of off worrying about my students sometimes. In a way I get to “teach” my viewers what I know about cooking.

I probably know just as much as the next home cook about cooking, but I want to share my southern flair with you. I find that no matter what type of cuisine I cook, I end up putting some southern spin to it. Who ever heard of pad Thai with creole seasoning?! That’s just what happens when I cook.

I also want you to know that my southern spin is not like Paula Deen. Besides not using butter, I live close enough to Louisiana to have a little cajun influence that Paula doesn’t have. Mississippi southern is a mix between cajun and Georgia southern. I hope you love my recipes as much as I do!