Zucchini Roll-Ups

I decided to try these zucchini roll-ups.  So, how were they?  I loved the flavor and I would make them again. I turned them into a project with my daughter, so they weren’t nearly as pretty as the ones in the recipe. I was super impressed that a six year old could handle the roll-ups. However, I am not sure that I would make this dish for a family gathering since they just weren’t as pretty as the picture. If she can, that should give anyone a little confidence.

Here is the recipe:

Protein-Packed Zucchini Roll-Ups

I started by making the sauce. I didn’t like all the bowls and complicated nature of the directions, so I just put everything except the crushed tomatoes in my instant pot for 12 minutes.


Then I added the water.


After I let the pressure cooker do its thing, I started making the stuffing for the zucchini.

It was so easy!


It looks kind of like baby food. Yuck!

After the instant pot was done and I put the crushed tomatoes in, I prepared the zucchini by sprinkling them with salt. One thing I did was wash the salt off of the zucchini. The directions didn’t say to, but I didn’t want them to be salty.

My daughter found putting it all together really easy in fun! I didn’t even have to do that part, so I got to work on cleaning up!


I ended up with a ton of the stuffing left, and I didn’t want to waste it. The dish was kinda ugly anyway, so I just put some on top.

Here it is after cooking it:



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